Apparel Accessories: A Comprehensive Guide

Clothing is a project, including production and design, which is divided into many parts of the production process, the most important part is the selection of materials and fabrics and other accessories. Here we say that the other accessories we collectively called garment accessories, it is in addition to fabric, expand the function of clothing and decorate the clothing essential components, including: zippers, buttons, webbing, lace, hangers, tags, printing labels bar code and other related.

1. Types of garment accessories

Garment accessories include Hangtags, labels, zippers, patches, buttons, buckle,Metal Chain, tapes, trademarks, wadding and padding, etc.

Zippers: resin zippers, nylon zippers,invisible zipper, open zipper, closed zipper, Fireproof zipper.

Hangtags: Logo hangtags, Ingredient hangtag, Certification tag, Sales hangtags.

Labels: General labels and self-adhesive labels, pc film label,

PVC adhesive label, Aluminum foil self-adhesive labels.

Patches: PVC patches, embroidered patches, printed patches, sequin patches,chenille patches.

Buckle:Flat nozzle buckle, heavy duty buckle, adjustable buckle, carriage buckle, quick clip, long type buckle.

Button: Wooden button, ceramic button, bone button, bamboo button, fruit button, fruit shell button, organic button, resin button, plastic button, combination button, urea button, spray paint button, electroplated button.

2. The use of garment accessories

buttons: buttons can not only connect the clothes, making it tight insulation, but also can make people instrument neat. Chic buttons, will also play an embellishing role on the clothes.

labels : the purpose of the label on the package is to display the product information. In addition to product text introduction, matching color patterns to express the content can also enhance the appearance of the packaging display effect. At the same time, the delicate structure design combined with function can also bring three-dimensional and realistic sense to the product. The use of material processing technology, such as the printing of the cat’s eye process and the selection of special paper, can improve the visual effect of the appearance of the product, coupled with two-dimensional code technology, can increase the customer’s interactive experience, so that consumers can perceive and receive product identification information beyond the content.

Hangtags: It has the function of anti-counterfeiting, establishing brand image, serving as barcode, displaying price, showing various certification information, and serving as after-sales maintenance card.

  • Logo hangtags: Used in conjunction with the brand logo, the colors and composition are also unified.
  • Ingredient hangtag: When the trademark is difficult to show, it can introduce the relevant information of the product in detail and promote the purchase behavior.
  • Certification tag: Reflects the quality of the product and introduces the credibility of the product.
  • Sales hangtags: indicate the product number, specifications, price, etc., for reference when buying.

Zippers: Use a connector for separating or merging items.

  • Metal zippers: It is mainly used on jeans, jackets and backpacks.
  • Waterproof zipper: It is used for cold-proof clothes, skiing clothes, down clothes, sailing clothes, diving clothes, tents, car and boat covers, raincoats, motorcycle raincoats, waterproof shoes, firefighting clothes, luggage, punching clothes, fishing clothes and other waterproof related series of supplies.
  • Fireproof zipper : It is generally used for fireproof clothing, kitchen uniforms and other clothing requiring fireproof requirements, to play a role in fireproof purposes.

3. The importance of using clothing accessories

With the rapid development of the garment industry, consumers’ continuous pursuit of individuality and fashion, including buttons, clothing accessories have long been paid extra with the role of decoration, embellishment. Designers of textile and clothing accessories with the use of appropriate, can definitely play the finishing touch, the effect of half the effort.

With the changing needs of consumers, clothing accessories are shifting from “practical functions” to “fashionable decorative functions”. The design of accessories has also begun to be integrated into the overall design of clothing, becoming a key element of fashion and popularity.

4. Where to find the best deals on clothing accessories

There are many ways to get the most favorable price for clothing accessories, which can be divided into online and offline.

Online platform

Alibaba: You have instant access to countless global suppliers serving millions of buyers and sellers around the world, and you can usually find the best quality products at lower wholesale prices. When you search keywords for accessories, you can find quality manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, buyers, wholesalers, products. This means that by shopping around, buyers can find the most satisfactory price to buy what you need, and suppliers can sell at high prices to get huge profits.

Amazon: Amazon is currently one of the largest Internet online retailers in the world. You can search for accessories keywords, and it will provide you with many retailers, as well as product styles, prices, and product details. If necessary, you can click immediately Buy.

Google: When you enter the keyword of excipients, it can accurately search for relevant information about excipients, it filters out information from other network resources, through these websites, you can see a lot of manufacturer information, if necessary, you can Contact with multiple manufacturers, and after a series of inquiries and processes, you can choose the desired manufacturer for the next step of cooperation.

Offline platform

Exhibitions: China International Clothing and Apparel Expo, EFB Clothing Supply Chain Exhibition, Las Vegas Fashion Show in the United States, etc. Each exhibition will have countless clothing industry merchants, which can promote merchants and merchants, merchants and customers. exchanges and cooperation between them. Sellers who need accessories can also find their favorite merchants in the many booths.

Factory: Looking for local factories, which can save the links of intermediary agents and distributors and directly transfer profits to consumers themselves. On-site inspection of the size of the factory, you can see and touch the real object.

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